What is The Simplicity.App?

The Simplicity.App is a HIPAA compliant, healthcare workflow and content sharing platform.

The EHR has been the core technology deployed by most healthcare organizations. While they are adept at dealing with patient encounter documentation, many times organizations ask the EHR to do too much.

The Simplicity.App is not a replacement of the EHR. It is a complementary technology solution, which facilitates improved workflow and coordination of care. It allows the clinical team to maintain current processes within the EHR, while providing support teams with automated core capabilities – Coordination, Identification, Documentation, and Validation.

It allows healthcare information workers and healthcare organizations to manage data, documents, and operational complexity in a way that is uninhibited by the constraints of legacy health information technology.

The Simplicity.App aggregates content, regardless of format, so that it can be processed and acted upon in a consistent and predictable manner. It successfully integrates all data types into a comprehensive and usable content platform. It’s robust, rule-based sharing protocol bridges current information transfer gaps, both inter and intra organization. 

Outcomes associated with the deployment of The Simplicity.App . . . .


  • Measurable ROI
  • Automated document management
  • Enhanced workflow processes
  • Role-based content sharing and collaboration
  • Actionable data analytics and robust reporting capabilities