How to improve sleep hygiene in Australia

Farmers, who use some of the world’s cheapest chemicals, are using new techniques to improve their sleep hygiene.

Key points:In NSW, farmers use chemicals such as trichloroethylene to disinfect crops and plants, but farmers in Queensland have used similar chemicals to improve the state’s healthThe Federal Government has committed $1 million to improve farmers’ sleep hygieneThe federal Government has announced $1m to improve Australia’s sleep hygiene and farmers in the north of Queensland have begun using similar chemicals.

Key Points:In Queensland, farmers are using chemicals such the trichloxyethanol and methylene chloride to disinfect plants and crops.

In NSW farmers are also using chemicals like methylene tetrafluoroethane and benzene to improve air qualityThe Federal Greens say the new chemicals could make it harder for farmers to keep up with growing demand for food and feed.

Farmers in Queensland are using trichluethane, which is widely used to disinfect a wide range of crops, to disinfect plant material.

The Queensland Government says it will not be able to get the chemicals approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) until it is satisfied that it does not pose an unreasonable risk to the public.

“We are working with the Queensland Government to address this, but it will take a little time to get through all the hoops and approvals,” Rural Health Minister Steven Ciobo said.

“This is a priority area for us.”

There are other areas we could be working on, such as the water, that we know have an elevated risk of contamination.

“Farmers also are using chemical trichlosan to disinfect farm equipment and plant material, which the NSW Government has not approved for use in Australia.

The use of these chemicals will require further testing before being approved by regulators, the Queensland Health Department said.

Labor says the Government needs to do more to ensure farmers are getting the best possible sleep for their crops.”

It’s a bit worrying to see how far we have come in our use of trichliol, and how quickly it has become the norm,” Senator Sam Dastyari said.

The Federal Opposition has called for more investment in agricultural research and development and better research and assessment of farming practices.

The Government has agreed to give farmers in northern Queensland $100 million in the next four years to improve soil quality.

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