How to protect yourself from dental decay

A new dental hygiene plan will help protect you against the deadly bacteria that can cause cavities.

The plan, developed by the American Dental Association, aims to be a standard for people who wear high-tech dental care, including toothpaste, brushing and dentures.

Dental hygiene plans are a growing market.

In the past decade, the number of people who say they’ve had dental problems has risen by about 1 million, to nearly 14 million, according to the D.C.-based American Denture Group.

The plan will also help ensure you’re getting the proper amount of oral hygiene.

If you don’t have dental hygiene tools, the plan will teach you how to use a vacuum cleaner, which can help flush out harmful bacteria.

In addition, you’ll learn how to disinfect your teeth.

It will also include a plan to protect you from decay caused by viruses.

Dr. Joseph Bausch, the medical director of dental care at Washington University School of Medicine, said the plan could help prevent cavities that may be caused by bacteria from spreading and spreading into your body.

“The plan is an excellent first step, and it’s an important step,” he said.

But Bausk said it will take time to get people to follow the plan.

He said the DTA will update the plan regularly with new research.

People who have dental problems can get treatment through dental clinics, private dentists and hospitals.

A recent study published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases found that people who were treated at a dental clinic for dental problems were twice as likely to have a subsequent relapse, while people who had dental care after being treated at the hospital were at lower risk.

The CDC has warned that some dental care providers may be misinterpreting the DHA dental hygiene plans and offering unproven remedies.

There’s also a new dental insurance program that’s being launched in the District.

It’s being offered to people who’ve been hospitalized and have lost dental coverage.

The DHA is planning to hold a meeting in early October with representatives from major insurance companies to discuss the plan, Bausck said.

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