Dental hygiene tip: When in doubt, rinse with vinegar

Dental hygienists in many parts of the world use vinegar to rinse their teeth and mouths.

The chemical, which is often referred to as “vinegar-soaked toothpaste,” is considered an effective toothpaste because it can be washed off easily.

But a new study finds that when it comes to washing teeth, it may not be as effective as it seems.

Researchers from Germany’s Ludwig Maximilians University in Berlin and the University of California, Los Angeles, compared the effectiveness of vinegar-soaking toothpaste against the efficacy of other types of dental hygiene products and found that when compared to vinegar-based products, vinegar-containing toothpaste was less effective at preventing dental decay.

Researchers studied 2,000 people who had undergone a dental hygnosis.

Some of the people were told they were using a vinegar-infused toothpaste.

Other participants were told that vinegar-to-tampons toothpaste would help prevent tooth decay.

The researchers also looked at whether people who used vinegar-towel toothpaste were more likely to have more cavities, lower their cholesterol, and have a lower risk of developing certain types of cancer.

Overall, researchers found that people who were told vinegar-water toothpaste to prevent dental decay were more than twice as likely to develop cavities compared to people who received toothpaste with vinegar.

They also found that vinegar had less effect on the overall risk of cavities in people who got a vinegar toothpaste, but the researchers said that the results showed that vinegar was effective.

“We can’t say that vinegar is the silver bullet to prevent tooth disease, but we do think that there is evidence that vinegar can be used in conjunction with other dental hygiene techniques,” lead researcher, Professor Maria Krasnow from Ludwig Maxi-Madsen University in Germany, said in a statement.

The research was published in the journal Archives of Oral Biology.

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