How to keep your teeth healthy and prevent cavities

People are falling over each other to get dental care, but there are some things they shouldn’t do to protect themselves from tooth decay.

In a new video posted on Next BigFuture, dental hygienist, Dr. Lauren Shulman explains how to keep the teeth in tip top shape, prevent cavitation, and avoid catching the dreaded “deadhead.”

“Our goal with the videos is to educate people to stay healthy and keep their teeth healthy,” she said.

“We wanted to share with you the best practices to keep yourself healthy and protect your teeth from decay.”

In the video, Shulmans highlights a few common dental habits that are not healthy for your teeth and mouth, including:Drinking a lot of water, washing your teeth regularly, and not eating out frequently.

Drinking too much water can actually be harmful to your teeth, especially if you have gum disease, tooth decay, or gum disease in the gum.

In fact, Drs.

Shulmann and Rene Bove of the University of Texas Health Science Center say, “water alone is not good enough” when it comes to preventing tooth decay in dentists.

“Water alone will not prevent tooth decay,” Shulmen said.

“It will just make it worse.

We want to be sure that you’re drinking enough water to prevent cavitations, but we want to know that you aren’t overdoing it.”

If you’re a healthy person who has had some dental work, the video recommends doing some light exercise, brushing your teeth three or four times daily, and avoiding over-the-counter toothpastes, which may cause tooth decay if they’re not properly cleaned.

Shulman also recommends keeping your mouth open to eat and drink regularly, even if it’s a hot day.

“People are eating more often and drinking more often,” she added.

“This means that we’re going to get more cavities and the more we eat, the more cavits we have.”

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