When the mental health crisis hits home

The Mental Health Crisis Centre in Newcastle has been closed for a month due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Key points:More than 1,300 people have died in Australia in the past 12 months due to coronavirusesThere have been around 500 new cases across Australia since FebruaryThe centre was set up to help people affected by the pandemic cope with their illnessA spokeswoman for the centre said the closure was because of the coronivirus pandemics and there were no long-term plans for the facility to reopen.

“We’ve had a very busy period in terms of our work, but we’re still working very hard,” she said.

“It’s really difficult to keep the staff on board and the staff are all very happy.”

She said the centre was facing “significant challenges” with the new coronaviral pandemic and would be forced to shut for a period of time.

“The centre will be closed for approximately four months.

That’s quite a period for the mental healthcare community, so we’ll be having some really challenging times over that period,” she told 7.30.

A spokesman for the Newcastle Mental Health Centre said the team would remain on-site and continue their work.

“Due to the pandemic, we have closed the centre temporarily,” the spokesperson said.”[But] we will continue to support people through this time.”

Dr Tim Hickey, the head of Newcastle’s coronaviolence team, said the staff at the mental care centre would not be able to continue to work.

He said the facility had been operating for a year and was “doing very well”.

“It will be open again as soon as it’s safe to reopen,” he said.

He also defended the decision to close the centre and said it was due to a lack of support for the community.

“In a time of pandemism, you would expect people to go about their business, and that’s what we’re trying to do, to make sure people are getting help and support, as quickly as possible,” he told 7:30.

Dr Hickey said the Mental Health crisis centre was not an incubator for the virus and the centre had been closed in “good circumstances” but said the decision was “not made lightly”.

“We have a good working relationship with the health authorities, with the Newcastle Health and Safety Commission, with our community.

That is the way we operate,” he added.

He would not comment on whether or not the staff who were leaving the facility were being asked to return.

The Newcastle Mental Healthcare Centre in New South Wales closed in February due to staff shortagesThe MHC in Newcastle is currently closed for six weeks due to “health and safety reasons”.

More than 400 people have already died in the last 12 months from the coronavalvirus, including three in the city.

More than 500 people have been confirmed to have died from coronavirotic illness in Australia.

Topics:mental-health,diseases-and-disorders,community-and/or-society,government-and -politics,health,nswFirst posted November 04, 2019 14:56:48Contact Victoria HodgeMore stories from New South Welsh

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