When to call the cops: How to protect yourself from scammers

A new report shows that scammers are using the Internet to trick people into thinking they’re safe from cyber-attacks.

A recent study, conducted by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and published online in the Journal of Consumer Research, showed that scam artists and online scammers were using a number of online platforms to lure people into buying products or services that were false or misleading.

In some cases, the scams may target people who have been the victims of phishing scams or scams that involve other people’s identity.

“These scams are really designed to trick consumers into thinking that they have not been compromised by an intrusion into their accounts, and they’re not,” said Rachel Zaid, a staff attorney at the FTC.

“It’s not the same as someone getting their credit card numbers or other personal information stolen, and yet the fraudsters think that’s OK.

That’s how these scams work.”

The FTC is investigating more than 40 cases in which scammers have used these sites to prey on consumers.

The scammers often target people in rural areas, in small towns, in low-income communities, or in other areas where the financial services industry is small and low-profile.

Ascotrust, a group that works to stop online scams, has said online scams are on the rise.

The group also has warned that consumers should always be wary of online scams and should avoid any online transactions that they are unsure about.

The FTC’s research showed that most online scam attempts are targeted at individuals who have not had any contact with the scammers.

Scammers often use deceptive or misleading language to try to entice consumers to sign up for services that could benefit them, such as an online health care company or a security system provider.

Scams often use phishing emails to get people to fill out forms or fill out surveys that ask for money, credit card information or other information.

Some of the most common types of scammers use email phishing, a type of email sent to people whose emails contain a link to a website that looks like a legitimate online business or service.

Phishing email scams have become increasingly common in recent years, according to the FTC, and often target individuals with low incomes or who live in areas where people are wary of financial services.

Scammers often send emails to people who are unfamiliar with the email or who have no way of verifying that they actually sent the email.

“We’ve seen that a lot in the past, but this time, it’s really increased,” said David L. Gartman, an FTC senior director of consumer protection.

“People are being tricked into doing things that they didn’t know they were doing.”

In some of the cases in the study, scammers also used deceptive language to convince people that the company they are contacting is not an accredited business or company.

Some of the scams used fake company names or websites that looked similar to legitimate businesses, and some used fake email addresses to trick victims into opening fraudulent accounts.

The companies often had very poor customer service, according in the FTC’s study.

They did not respond to questions or provide any real information about their products or processes.

“Most scammers don’t offer any services, they don’t provide anything of value, and there’s no assurance that they’re legitimate,” said Mark Johnson, a former FTC enforcement officer who runs an online safety service.

“The people who get scammed the most are the people who feel vulnerable.

The people who need the most help are the ones who don’t know what to do.”

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