When you wear your hair in a ponytail, it is not a hygiene school

FACTS: The BBC has been told that the hair of the Duchess of Cambridge is not part of the traditional Victorian female hygiene school.

That is despite the fact that she wears her hair in it and that she was previously criticised by some for doing so.

So what are we to make of the new evidence?

Firstly, the idea that the Duchess has a history of dressing in the manner of a ‘female hygiene’ school does not seem to be supported by the evidence, although it is hard to see how the idea could be disputed.

The Duchess of Sussex wore a pony tail in the 1950s and was a champion of the suffragette movement, but her hair was never considered to be a part of this traditional female school.

The evidence of the period suggests that her hair would not have been part of it, although the Duchess was not particularly popular at the time.

Second, the Duchess does not fit the mould of a traditional Victorian girl.

The school’s website says: The first Victorian girls were educated in the schools of the Royal Society, as well as in private schools and boarding schools, and many of the girls who graduated from these schools went on to become famous.

The first female nurses at Westminster Hospital, for example, were all women.

The women who led the Women’s Association of the Victorian Age were all men.

The history of the school is not that it was a male institution but that it operated from a female point of view.

The School of Dental Hygiene was founded in 1858 by the daughter of the late Edward de Vere, the founder of the University of Westminster.

The head of the institution was Elizabeth, who married a British gentleman and the first dentist to teach in England, the surgeon Sir William Stirling.

In his time, Stirling was the patron of dental surgery in London and was known for treating many of his patients in the Royal College of Surgeons.

The current head of dental hygiene is Dr Richard Oakes, who was born in Scotland and spent his formative years in Australia.

He is the first to be born in Britain to parents who worked in dentistry.

Dr Oakes’ mother was a nurse who had worked in the NHS and had given birth to him and his siblings.

He was the first British child to be baptised in the Church of England and, although he was a young man at the start of his career, he was promoted to director of dental services.

His colleagues were shocked when he discovered that he was the heir of the family fortune.

He later married a Scottish woman and the family estate now owns the University College Hospital.

It was only in the late 1960s that the school began to attract female students.

The Queen’s Birthday Dinner in May is held at the Queen’s University, London, but this is a different tradition to that of the women who went to the school.

Dr Stirling told the BBC: We were not doing it to celebrate her birthday.

It’s about recognising that she is the Queen and that we can do something about it.

The girls who went there were a very large group.

The new evidence about the school’s history does not necessarily mean that the Queen herself attended it, however.

The Dental Health and Gender Studies Department at Queen Mary University of London said it could not comment on individual pupils.

But, according to the website of the Department of Dictionaries, the school was founded “as an independent, non-profit organisation in 1867, but became a registered charitable trust in 1883”.

The website of its foundation notes that “the school had a strong social and professional tradition”.

That tradition includes a number of women who were members of the first dental hygienists in the UK, including Elizabeth, Lady Elizabeth Russell and the Duchess.

The university says it did not know who started the school and it did know of the “early history” of the building, which it describes as “a Victorian Gothic Revival Gothic Revival building”.

But the website says that the building is not listed as a museum and that there is no mention of it on its website.

So, while the school may not have existed at the end of the nineteenth century, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester are the first members of their family to have attended a school.

It is not clear whether they attended it as a part-time or full-time institution.

It has also been reported that the Dental College Hospital was founded by the Duchess’s mother.

In addition, a school in Wales was founded, as did a school at an unnamed British university.

The latest school to be opened at the Royal Academy of Arts was opened in the 1960s by the Duke of York and Duchess Elizabeth.

There is no evidence that the women attending the school were part of that institution, although some of their students were.

The BBC understands that the University Hospitals College London was established in 1911, but the school has been described as an independent

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