How to stop your kids from touching their noses and mouths

When you think of cleaning your house, you probably think of putting a lid on your toilet or wiping your hands and face, but these simple things can make a big difference.

What you should do instead?

How to keep kids safe during the holiday season by putting up toilet seats, changing clothes, and putting a barrier between your home and the road.

Read more 1/8 Getting rid of the rubbish If you’ve got a family, you’ll probably need to take the garbage out on your own, but there are some great tips on how to do this yourself.

Read about the steps involved in disposing of your rubbish here.

2/8 Keeping children safe If you’re at the office or school and you know kids are getting sick, there are plenty of resources online to help you keep your child safe.

Read our guide to keeping children safe.

3/8 Not touching children in public It’s normal for children to want to be left alone, but touching them is a dangerous habit.

Here are some tips to help prevent kids from being put at risk: If a child is too young, you can give them the chance to put on a mask or a headband to protect them from the germs that can spread.

4/8 Don’t let pets roam in your house This doesn’t have to be a scary idea, as pets can be used to lure children to the wrong areas.

Read the guidelines for your area to find out what’s allowed.

5/8 Having a toilet with an overflow can be a lifesaver for some families The overflow can help people keep their homes tidy and prevent messy toilets.

Read how to have a toilet that’s not overflowing.

6/8 Using soap and water to clean up after yourself This may seem like a no-brainer, but using soap and a water bottle to rinse away the stinky messes that come up in your toilet can help reduce the spread of germs.

7/8 Being extra careful with your child’s toys There are many great ways to help kids learn the skills to safely play with objects, but it’s important to remember to have your children in mind when you choose to play with them.

Read all of our tips for children’s toys to learn how to make toys that work best.

8/8 Keep pets and pets roaming your home If you can keep your pet or pet roaming your property, you’re doing yourself a disservice by putting them at risk.

Read some tips on keeping pets and animals off your property to help make sure your home is a safe place to visit.

1/08 Getting rid on the toilet: How to do it yourself If you don’t have access to a toilet or have trouble getting it out, these simple steps will make a huge difference: Clean up the debris left behind after a busy holiday by putting it in a plastic bag and filling it with water.

2 / 8 Not touching kids in public: How you can help: If you live in an area where children can’t get access to the public toilets, there’s a great app to help with this.

It’s called SafeGuard and it can help you plan your holidays around safe spaces.

Read More 3/ 8 Not letting pets roam the home: How parents can help make their kids safe: If your children live in a family with pets, you should be able to keep them out of your home.

Here’s some tips for keeping pets away from the house: If they are too young to leave the house, children should not be allowed to play outside at all.

If they’re too young for the toilet, parents should not allow them to enter the house without supervision.

Read this article to find more information about pets and children in the home.

4 / 8 Keeping pets and dogs roaming your house: How your child can help, with this app: If the dog or cat you have is a dog or a cat, it can be great for you to have one to play and explore with.

Learn more about how to find the best place to let your child and pets roam.

5 / 8 Having a public toilet with overflow can make sure that children don’t get put at risks: If an overflow is available, it’s a good idea to make sure children can flush their toilet before they enter.

If it’s not, they can wait in the overflow for a while before putting the lid on.

Read up on public toilets here.

6 / 8 Using soap, water, and a bottle to clean it up: What to do: If soap and/or water isn’t available to wash down a spill, try using a bottle of soap and shampoo to wash it down before using it to clean your toilet.

If you do this, make sure to rinse the toilet with a bucket of water and soap to ensure that soap is completely washed off before using.

7 / 8 Taking a shower before going to bed: How many hours should you spend showering?

Some people say you should shower at least 10 minutes before going back to sleep.

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