How much do you really know about dental hygiene?

In the age of globalisation and the growing global supply chain, consumers are increasingly using their smartphones to check on their health, but it’s still difficult to quantify the impact of this practice. 

It’s important to know how much we know about how much you actually need to be doing it, says Jennifer Hannon, an associate professor at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

Hannon has been researching the impact that smartphone technology has had on dental hygiene habits for the past two years.

In her new book, You Don’t Need a Dentist: How Consumers Are Reaping the Benefits of Online Health, Hannon takes a close look at the health data of more than 2.5 million Americans.

Hannon found that the number of people who have used a smartphone in the last year to check their teeth has increased by 20 per cent.

She says this trend has been driven by the proliferation of smartphones and the rise in social media.

“The smartphone is increasingly used to check health and dental habits, but this trend also shows the impact this practice has on our health,” Hannon said.

“It’s becoming more and more prevalent that people are checking out their dental health from their smartphones, and this is leading to more and better information being shared online.”

Hannon says this information can lead to consumers making healthier choices, and also to dentists and other health professionals being more open to learning more about their patients.

Hannan’s research has shown that people use their smartphones less to check out health information, and more to get a variety of health-related products and services, such as vaccinations, tests and prescription medicines.

“When we look at smartphone use and health, we see it’s more than just checking the barcode,” Hanks said.

“This activity is more than dental hygiene.”

Dental hygiene internshipHannon also looked at the practice of dentists interning with consumers.

Hanks said there’s been an increase in the number and number of dental hygiene internships being offered.

She said internships have become a lucrative opportunity for dentists.

“We are seeing a resurgence in the practice, particularly in the United States and the UK, with a lot of people getting paid to do dental hygiene interning,” she said.

The cost of dental hygienic products and products offered to consumers can be substantialHannon said dental hygiene companies often don’t have a solid idea of the health risks they’re providing to consumers.

“In some cases, they do not even know how many people have a specific health condition, such the risk of getting cavities,” Hannan said.HANNAN says she’s excited about the potential for dental hygiene to become a profitable industry.

“I think it’s very exciting for the industry,” she says.

“If consumers can get better information on the safety of their dental products, that’s very important to the dental industry.”

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