How to avoid a bad hangover with these tips

The best ways to ensure your body and mind get a good night’s rest are simple, but if you don’t do them you’ll suffer a hangover.

Here are five simple ways to avoid the hangover:Eat at the right timeFood and drink before you leave home.

Avoid late-night meals that can leave you feeling hungry and thirsty.

Drink water from a well-drinking source, such as a tap, well, or well above your level.

If you are in a busy area or in a noisy area, ask people to stop talking when you leave.

If it’s raining, use umbrellas or water-skipping equipment to avoid being swept into the water.

If your body is tired, don’t try to drink too much water until you have finished drinking.

Do not smoke until you are well rested.

Smoking is a big risk for an infection of the mouth and throat.

If coughing or sneezing are not helping, stop them and get some rest.

Avoid contact with the eyes.

If the hangovers are getting too bad, it is important to make a quick recovery to help reduce your chances of getting another one.

The National Health Service recommends people get off work early and take a rest in their own home, as well as having their blood pressure checked regularly.

If this is too difficult, talk to your GP.

If you feel like you have a problem with your breath, ask your GP to call your GP and ask them to help.

The National Health Services recommends that people who suffer from an infection should:Keep a diary of your day’s activities, including how much you eat, drink and smoke.

Recover if you feel well.

If there is a hang-over, go to the nearest hospital emergency department and get your blood pressure and blood sugar checked.

If symptoms persist, take a temperature, take some vitamins and medicines, and see your GP, your GP’s local doctor or a specialist, such a GP or pharmacist, to get tested for any new infections.

For more information on the dangers of hangovers, contact the National Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) on 08457 7888 or the Australian National Health Team on 1300 811 888.

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