‘Hair products are for every day’ – Cosmetics ‘for every day’: Woman

Female hygiene products are now being promoted by cosmetics brands in an attempt to counter the negative image of their products.

Cosmetics brands are using hashtags to encourage women to look after their own hair, to make sure their products are safe and to show them that it’s not just about what you wear. 

“We want to show women that they are not just just cosmetic.

We are really about what we are doing in our lives,” said Laura Nolen, co-founder of The Hair Products Association, a leading association of beauty companies.”

We think this is going to change how women look and feel about their hair.

We want women to see how much they have been invested in it and how much their hair has changed in the last few years,” Ms Nolen told the ABC.

Ms Nolen is working with the Australian Hair Foundation to help women understand how the hair products they buy have changed in 10 years time.

“It’s really important for people to understand the benefits of using these products and how they’re going to make them last longer,” she said.

“You will feel good about your hair for longer, the product will smell better and the hair will feel softer.”

She said she wanted to help people look after it for the rest of their lives.

“If we are going to do something for the hair industry, we need to make the industry better, so that people can feel good and feel confident about what they’re doing,” she added.’

You should not wear something on your head’The Hair Products Society of Australia is also pushing for the cosmetics industry to make more women aware of the products they are buying.

“What we want is for the beauty industry to recognise that this is an industry that is very male-dominated,” said Kate Taylor, the society’s head of policy and campaigns.

“They should not be selling products like these,” Ms Taylor said.

The beauty industry, which employs almost a million people in Australia, has faced criticism over its promotion of beauty products as a “natural” way to make money.

The Cosmetics Council of Australia said the issue of safety is a concern.

“A hair product is a natural and safe product for women and girls and that should not change,” a spokeswoman said.

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