Girl hygiene products are getting cheaper and safer thanks to the Internet

Girl hygiene is an emerging trend that has been gaining steam recently, with more and more companies offering girl products for children, and even for adults, who want to keep their teeth clean.

The beauty industry is slowly but surely catching on to the trend, and with the Internet’s ease of access and affordability, there’s now a whole new generation of girls who want the same thing.

And according to new research from the company Uams, they’re getting cleaner and safer, too.

Uams partnered with a group of girls and their parents to test a range of products, and found that the products that had the most efficacy, when used as directed, were also the most affordable.

Uamps has teamed up with The Hair Products Institute to provide this infographic for your viewing pleasure.

The infographic shows the results of the Uams Girl Care test on a range in a range category, from the cheapest girl hygiene products to the most expensive ones.

UAMS is offering its Uams Dental Hygiene Assistant for $129, which comes with a full refundable 30-day return policy, while the Dental Care Assistant is $129 for a 30-Day Refundable Refund.

The $129 version is available in the following styles:A.

A-Line, with a wide range of styles.


Bamboo, with multiple styles.


Elegant, with three styles.


Feline, with four styles.


Gold, with five styles.


Grey, with six styles.


I-line, with seven styles.


Intense, with eight styles.


Intensive, with nine styles.


Latex, with ten styles.


Lush, with 11 styles.


Mini, with 12 styles.


Natural, with 13 styles.


Pink, with 14 styles.


Plum, with 15 styles.


Rose, with 16 styles.


Shimmer, with 17 styles.


Velvet, with 18 styles.


A-line , with a range on the low end, with some very expensive options on the high end.

Bamboo , with some extremely expensive options.

Cedar, with the cheapest options on offer.

Feline, some very pricey options on sale.

Gemstone, some extremely pricey options.

Grey, some expensive options available on sale but not available on the market yet.

Lush, some incredibly expensive options, but not on the sale yet.

Natural, some really expensive options for sale but unavailable on the current market.

Plea-Free, some insanely expensive options but unavailable for sale yet, and a couple of incredibly expensive ones that aren’t available on any of the brands listed above.

Rose Gold, a really expensive option on sale, and no options for availability.

Shimmer, a very expensive option for sale, but unavailable.

Tarte, a pretty expensive option.

Velvet, a fairly expensive option, but a bit of a challenge to buy.

Rose-White, a good option for a really nice price.

White, an option for about $10.

This post was originally published on January 18, 2018.

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