Why women are choosing to be clean-shaven

In Ireland, a trend is being developed for women to choose to be cleansed every day.

Dublin City Council is offering a week of free cleaning to women in public places to encourage them to take control of their body and their health.

In Ireland, women can choose to shave their legs and feet to get rid of all the germs that are already on them, or they can shave their face and neck to remove the unwanted hairs from their bodies.

The programme is being offered at public toilets and in shops to encourage women to take charge of their own bodies and cleanse themselves on their own.

It is a small but important step in the right direction to address the issue of sexual harassment in Ireland.

It also brings up the issue about hygiene and social responsibility as well as the importance of physical health, particularly as women are starting to menstruate.

This is not the first time a city has offered a week-long free menstrual hygiene programme for women in a public space.

In May 2016, a similar programme was offered in Dublin’s main shopping district of Co Wicklow.

It was launched by the city’s health authority in response to a rise in the number of reported cases of sexual assault in the area.

The free programme is a joint effort by the Irish Ministry of Health, the Department of Public Health and the Dublin Metropolitan Health Service (DMHS).

There is no age limit for participants and there are no restrictions on where they can be seen, but they are required to adhere to a strict hygiene regime.

The idea is to make it easier for women and children to feel comfortable about being in public spaces.

A week of the programme will be offered at shops across the city, but it is expected to be extended throughout the week in the coming weeks.

The initiative comes as women in Ireland continue to struggle with the issue and the stigma surrounding sexual harassment.

It has been reported that there have been around 20 cases of rape and other sexual assaults against women and girls in Ireland over the last two years, with reports rising dramatically following the death of a 17-year-old student in Dublin in September.

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